Deep Dive - Katello meets Ansible: an introduction to forklift and foreman-ansible-modules

At CfgMgmtCamp 2019, Wim gave us a talk on the pipeline that he’s created which involves ALL THE THINGS! So we thought it’d be fun to bring you that talk as a Deep Dive :slight_smile:

Here’s Wim’s own abstract for the talk:

“Management of Katello can be challenging: there are just so many components
to take care of! Configuration is often changed manually (via the webui or
using hammer), and I wanted to investigate if its possible to apply a
‘regular config management’ workflow to Katello. Using cloud-init, forklift
and foreman-ansible-modules, we’re able to quickly spawn up a fully
customized Katello instance (and schedule regular executions of the
playbooks using AWX).”

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Note the change of date, I have no idea how that got assigned to March 2nd - I’ve fixed it :stuck_out_tongue: