Default_host_group plugin config file through the installer

I perform the installation using the foreman-installer --scenario katello --enable-foreman-plugin-default-hostgroup ... and want to stage the config file /etc/foreman/plugins/default_hostgroup.yaml through the installer. If I perform the same step after the install it requires systemctl restart httpd that is not ideal.

Is that possible through custom-hiera.yaml or other means prior to executing the installer? Basically, I don’t want to do any follow on steps but the pre-steps are ok.

Distribution and version:
Katello 3.14

This should be done in foreman-installer itself. This line in the Foreman scenario exposes it:

But it’s missing in the katello scenario. Please submit a PR for this. This commit can serve as a good indication of how:

There is a helper to create the migration:

Thanks for the code snippets. I have follow on questions.

How do I add an option to use the YAML file for the plugin configuration? I am thinking something along the line


I am not familiar with the migration process. Can you point me to resources to read up?

Here is the pull request

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As stated in my reply on the PR, the initial hints I gave were incorrect. The plugin is part of the scenario but there’s no way to configure the plugin through the installer.

This file needs to gain parameters to manage the config file:

I’d recommend looking at the memcache plugin since that already manages a config file:

After that you’ll have --foreman-plugin-default-hostgroup-* parameters on the CLI.

Excellent, I will look in to it. Is it ok to use the same Redmine ticket #30078 or need to create another one?

Reusing it is good since the installer and all installer modules share the same Redmine project.