Define alternative hostname for "Repo URL:" in katello-ca-consumer RPM package

Is the any way to define a specific host name other than the capsules FQDN for the default “Repo URL” being generated when registering a host to the capsule server?

I would want the default “baseurl” in /etc/rhsm/rhsm.conf to match the cname of the capsule server, not the FQDN.

I know I can bypass this by adding “–baseurl” in the “subscription-manager register” command, but I still wonder if I could configure this directly in the katello-ca-consumer RPM instead.

Thank you.

At the moment we don’t, but it came up in RFC: Host registration and Load balancers and we currently have 2 alternative approaches that we’re discussing:

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The RPM only contains a script which runs during installation.

# rpm -ql

You don’t have to use the RPM. The script only installs the CA certs and configures rshm. You can change the baseurl after that (as long as the server certificate contains the cname of course).

Or you can just do what the rpm does by yourself. If you are using register host through the gui it also doesn’t use the rpm if you check the script generated (or look into the templates).

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