Delete VM fails to delete VM from oVirt on Foreman version 2.2.1

I create and delete VMs on oVirt using Foreman version 2.1.4 with no issues. I upgraded Foreman from 2.1.4 to 2.2.1. On 2.2.1 the create VM works but the delete VM will delete the VM from Foreman but not from oVirt. If I “Import as a Managed Host” the oVirt VM on 2.2.1 and then delete the VM, the VM is deleted on Foreman but not oVirt. If I do the same operation on 2.1.4 it works, the VM is deleted on Foreman and oVirt. I didn’t see anything in the logs indicating an issue.

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CentOS 7
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As mentioned in the 2.2 upgrade warnings, the default behaviour for deleting hosts has been changed to be less destructive. You can change the destroy_vm_on_host_delete setting to true to restore the previous behaviour.

Thank you very much. I had read through the release notes but not in enough detail. It bugs me when I miss something like this. I will be more careful next time.

I use hammer to delete VMs. It would be useful if the destroy_vm_on_host_delete option could be set using hammer per VM. That way the default value of destroy_vm_on_host_delete can be set to “No” but can be overridden to “Yes” using hammer when deleting a VM.