Deploy Windows - Unable to render PXELinux template 'MK_WAIK_PXELinux': Safemode

Hello Community,

we are using foreman 1.18. i am trying to deploy windows server 2016 with foreman. we are already deploying debian with foreman. i followed instructions in Foreman :: Manual

i have added “WindowsServer2016” as an operating system in foreman. i added options for partition table and all the templates inside. i used templates from

i think i´m ready to deploy my first windows vm but i get the following error once i hit “Submit” button.

Unable to render PXELinux template 'MK_WAIK_PXELinux': Safemode doesn´t allow to access 'medium_provider' on #<Safemode::ScopeObject>

I ask myself how to solve this. Can someone point me into the right direction here?


There has been great tutorials recently on this forum, search that these appear much more up to date.