Deploying vmware templates on vsphere 6 with content library?

Good day,
We have recently begun to attempt provisioning of virtual machines from
We performed the following:

  1. Created at windows 2012r2 thin provisioned vm
  2. Converted to template and placed it in our Templates folder.

When we attempt to deploy the vm we receive the error Unable to access the
virtual machine configuration: Unable to access file [san.prod02.data1]
Cannot migrate template from esxi1 to esxi2 in resource pool cluster1 in

Weird enough using the same account i am able to log into the vsphere
client, right click and deploy new vm from template to that cluster and

One thing i thought would be a fix is utilizing the content library from
vsphere 6 but was not sure if this is possible.

The two questions i have are,

  1. Is using content libraries on vsphere 6 from foreman possible currently?
  2. If not does anyone have suggestions or see this error from attempting
    provisions with foreman in this scenario?

Thank you for any help and or guidance.


I do have the same question, don’t see any update from anyone neither on the current thread nor on the other one Vmware content library + foreman provisioning?

@ekohl any help on this is really appreciated

Evern terraform doens’t have any support yet.

Are there any updates on this? My Windows and Virtualization teams are asking for it as we have vmware scattered across the globe, using Katello to provision all of our servers, including Windows. The maintenance for all of the images and templates would be so much easier using a content library, instead of having to maintain multiples across many regions.