Description and comments on RM are all bold

Hey, it looks like the text is all bold which does not allow me to use bold font, is this something you track in your TODO @Gwmngilfen? :wink:

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This is pretty bold statement :slight_smile: +1 for looking into fixing that.

Funny thing some issues have the issue, while others don’t.

I looked into it briefly after the upgrade but couldn’t find the cause. No one was complaining so I moved on to other priorities.

If it’s a major issue I can look into it again, but I’m somewhat out of ideas as to how to troubleshoot it. It’s definitely not stored that way in the DB, so it’s a rendering issue of some kind, but as we all know, frontend is not my speciality :slight_smile:

There seems to be an unclosed <b> tag.

With bold text source:

With normal text source:


Possibly just a miss-placed if?

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bingo, there is a bug in the votes plugin. I’m on it.

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@Marek_Hulan - in your spare time :wink:

This has now been merged and pulled to redmine, and redmine has been restarted. Please let me know if issue persists.


Oh shhhh, that’s gonna cost me! :beers: :beers: :beers: :sunflower:

Foreman community PREMIUM 24/7 support!


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