Designing the right solution for my environment


I really need some help with my Foreman design to fit my
requirements/environment, I demonstrated Foreman to my team on a single VM
in our test environment, but now I want to implement it into production.

We have multiple customer network and my idea is to create a Foreman
(Puppet/Puppet CA) server in a central location and then a series of smart
proxies (Puppet) in each network, this, so far is working fine, however I
now want to be able to provision VMs from a vCenter template, we have a
single vCenter for all customer so connecting Foreman to the vCenter will
not be an issue, my problem comes when trying to provision new VMs. I
cannot enable DHCP and DNS on my smart proxy as it will conflict with
customers existing DHCP and DNS services, I was under the impression that I
could provision new VMs without SSH (as Foreman will not have access to the
new VMs).

Is this possible?
Is there anything I need to be aware when building my template?

If anyone can help me I would be more that grateful

Thank you, Ben