Dev/Design Weekly Demo Notes - OpenSCAP

Google Doc can be found here:

Notes here:

Openscap - Presented by Ondrej Prazak

Openscap items under Hosts> Compliance

Main Hosts Page> SCAP Contents

··· -

Primary Button color - Help should be grey, “Upload New SCAP Content”
should be blue.

Table headers are not sortable edit table header has no text. I believe
in other tables the header was “Actions”

Table row items are not clickable unlike other tables

Details of item>

Info tip for upload text.

Spacing between uploaded text and upload button

Error formatting including error on tab. Remove “No File Chosen” because
this is not true, they choose a file just not an acceptable file type.
Place error messaging in it’s place. “Upload SCAP Datastream file” should
be in an info tip. Tab needs error icon

New Scap Content page and Edit page launch the same page however one is
two pane and one is not. Conversion to full pane would remedy this.


New policy wizard does not follow patternfly standard.

Depending on the length of this process, a wizard may not be needed.

Main page - Help button is dark blue? It should not. “New compliance
policy” is primary button


Layout of tiles is not efficient. This is probably not a low level of
effort to fix. Additional thought would be needed on better layout.

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Delete button is red, it should be grey unless it is ultra destructive.
Also which button would be considered the primary action? It should be blue.

Considering changing “Result” text to icons.