Dev/Design Weekly Meeting: Compute Resources

Google Doc

Compute Resources

Presented by Marek

Compute resources> Main Table

··· -

No comments, just ensure table header functionality to sort and consider
if any other information is worth displaying as the table is sparse, but
perhaps more info isn’t needed.

Test connection button changes position

Change test connection back to grey when any fields are changed.

Inline error messaging cuts into fields… inconsistent handling of
success vs. error

Tab set up – is it needed? Move to wizard? Move to one form?

Is the documentation button in the correct spot? In other instances the
documentation button is typically at the top of the page. Should a standard
be developed for handling documentation links?

Data Center button changes to Test Connection (placement inconsistent
with treatment of other test connection button)

Error messaging is inconsistent

Compute Resources Detail Page>

I don’t think this content needs to be in a table. Other detailed pages
do not list the content in a table.

Full pane view … add breadcrumb?

Create Image>

Help text should be in tooltips, and is otherwise inconsistent with help
text that appears below the fields.

Virtual Machine Tab>

Power status should be icon

Power On/Off action button – colors should be removed from buttons as
they are currently inconsistent.

There is the possibility that the Power column could be changed to a
switch (
with the Actions column just containing the delete function.

The multiple color buttons leads to the following issue on an virtual
machine detail page:

Change power off to grey unless it’s extremely destructive. Change
delete to grey. Change console to grey. The “Back” button does not take me
back to the previous page but to Compute Resource tab. This may be a
technical issue but it can be confusing to users.

Compute Profiles Tab>

Title case on Tab

Profiles open up in two pane view which is inconsistent with the other

Red X is not consistent. In this instance I believe it means delete, not
close. I would put a grey delete button beneath each entry… as an example:

Images Tab>

Use the word “Delete” vs. “Destroy”

Compute Profile Seperate Page>

Is this needed? It seems like an entire section was made for one small
action, that is, to name something.

Other notes:

Associate VM’s - Takes a long time, should notify user that action is

Operating System supports API - current is an error icon, should be the
word “no”