Dev/Design Weekly Meeting: Templates

Partition Tables and Provisioning Templates

Presented by Marek

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Remove Help button

If columns are typically blank (like Snippet), is it worth keeping in
the table?

Integrate into Documentation if it doesn’t exist there.

Put Default help text in help icon.

Inline messaging is persistent with Snippet is unchecked.

Use title case for “Operating System Family”

Required fields are confusing. Instead of Template editor, it could just
be renamed “Template*” (Marked Required), and sub headings for Editor and
Import Template.

Future thought… integrate the help with the editor… auto-complete, etc.

Drop down is too small. Should be large enough to display error text.

When there are no changes, keep editor appearance the same.

Anyway to combine columns? Snippet does not have a Kind, and Kind is not
a snippet

This help should be displayed differently, perhaps removing it from the
alert box. Discussion about need for all content contained.

Add Combination should not be blue

“X’ should be delete or remove button. “X” in the application has been
previously used to close items, not remove/delete.

Change error messaging to be relevant to cloning action.

Move locking error to above Name

Icons should not be blue

When admin enters no comment, specify that… “did not enter a comment”

I feel like text link style actions is unusual, that most actions are
contained in buttons.

When there is no history - message should not be an inline message.

All actions should be logged, including renaming.

No details to show. Messaging should state there are no details to show.

Change back button to close

Different edit icon in the field than what is usually displayed

Empty should not be red as that indicates an error (unless it is an
error). Consider italic only, or bold or different color of background to
draw attention.