2019 CFP is open

Continuing the theme for open CFPs … :smiley:

More of a developer conference than CfgMgmt, so if you’ve been working on anything interesting, new integrations, plugins, compute resources, etc, then do get a submission in!

Again, if you’d like to present but aren’t 100% sure you cover your costs, then we have a small discretionary budget to help a limited number of people come and speak. Please contact myself or Ori and give as much detail as you can to support your request - we’ll do what we can!

And if you’re in doubt, if you should send a Foreman proposal or not, be aware of the fact that we’ve also submitted a request for booth (and we had one there for several years in the row), so the combined Brno Foreman and Pulp team will be there to support you in giving the talk.

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