Develop broken - changing vm disk size and ptable audit creation


please take a look on these failures, if you know how to fix `em go ahead ASAP please.

HostJSTest::edit page.test_0007_enables changing vm disk size
HostJSTest::edit page.test_0007_enables changing vm disk size
PtableTest.test_0008_when creating a new ptable class object, an audit entry needs to be added


The first is Bug #26022: intermittent host_js integeration test failure - Foreman which has been fixed by @ezr-ondrej already.
The second seems to be an intermittent failure we see now and then, any help fixing it would be appreciated.

There is a different failure in develop since yesterday, Bug #26247: Host multiple select not working - Foreman which has been caused by Bug #26122: Vertical Nav and topbar are rendered after main content - Foreman and manifests as:

Capybara::ElementNotFound: Unable to find visible css "#environment_id"
   test/integration/host_js_test.rb:377:in `block (2 levels) in <class:HostJSTest>' 

This failure can be safely ignored (unless the PR is touching the host index or multiple selects areas). @amirfefer is working on fixing that.

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