Development setup common problems

Hello, I am starting this document with common issues I run into during Foreman development. Feel free to edit and add your own problems and resolutions.

Integration tests do take a lot of time or do error out with Too many open files, Unable to find XYZ element.

Perform bundle exec rake webpack:compile prior running tests.

Running tests fails with unque key error for settings_pkey.

Drop foreman-test database, migrate and seed it.

Is a FAQ in this forum really the best place? We have:

I did not know this existed. I think a developer FAQ and docs should exist on the website but I do like this thread as a conversation for folks to read and post to that can be collected by @lzap to then add to the docs.

I agree, but some things I like to keep on discourse forever, this place is much easier to update and the conversation can be ongoing. Let’s see what its gonna look like, the list is way too short so far.

The problem is that in this development part things go down and get lost. Probably only recent items show up for people. If anything, tutorials is a much better place IMHO:

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