Difference between hosts status and global status

Regarding the docs: Foreman :: Manual there is the global status and build and configuration status. And there is /api/hosts/host85/status.

So what’s the difference between /api/hosts/host85/status and /api/hosts/host85/status/global?


the /api/hosts/host85/status is deperecated (and already dropped in upcoming 2.0 release), this endpoint predates the global status and basically is equivalent of /api/hosts/host85/status/configuration. We had to keep it for backwards compatibility when the new statuses were introduced.

Long story short, just use /api/hosts/host85/status/global to get generic overview of the host (red/yellow/green) and /api/hosts/host85/status/configuration /api/hosts/host85/status/build (other added from plugins) to get more details on a specific substatus. The idea is that the global status represents all substatuses.

Hope that helps