Digest emails will be enabled later today

TL;DR - its a summary email, but no-one will get spammed.

When we migrated to Discourse, I disabled digest emails to avoid unnecessary email spam. This was always intended to be a temporary state while we got settled in our new home, and today I’ll be re-enabling them.

Digests are sent to those who have not been seen on / interacted with Discourse in the past 7 days, but up to a cutoff of 365 days. They’re intended to showcase content that the user may be interested in, and is a driver for engagement with the community. However, the higher value ensures that once clear the user is not coming back, the emails cease.

The 365 value is configurable, so I will be setting it to 28 days today, so that digests only go to those who have been involved since we moved to Discourse. Every few weeks I’ll up the number until we get back to 365 by next Jan.

Those who interact regularly will see no change, as digests only get sent once per week, starting 7 days from last interaction. For everyone else, as always, let me know if there’s issues.

This is now enabled (internet issues last night). I’ll be monitoring outbound mail for obvious spamming, but shout out if you see issues.

I just saw the digest job kick in, sent about 100 emails - that seems about right for people who’ve last been seen between Jan 1st and Jan 22nd :slight_smile: - but I’ll keep checking it.

This seems to be working fine. If you want a more (or less) frequent digest sent to you, you’ll now find it under “My Account > Preferences > Email > Activity Summary”. Enjoy :slight_smile: