Disable foreman proxy TFTP support by default

Currently the installer enabled TFTP support by default, but I think this doesn’t make a huge amount of sense. Just TFTP doesn’t enable any feature. AFAIK you need DHCP for bare metal boot.

Am I missing anything or can we disable it by default?

On a technical level it’d flip true to false here:


+1 for disabling, I guess it was enabled since it’s easy to install and usually does not interfere with other services on the same network

As long as the upgrade won’t disable TFTP for everyone, I am good.

This would be limited to new installations. Touching existing installations is something I avoid when possible.

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We rely on the default true as out install requires DHCP+TFTP. Default False is not a deal breaker for us as long as an option override is supported.

To be clear, this only affects defaults. That means only fresh installations when using the installer. Direct users of the Puppet module also need to modify their setup.

I’ll also go over the manual to see where we need to suggest --foreman-proxy-tftp true and write an upgrade warning.

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This isn’t true in our environment. We have routers doing DHCP and pointing to Foreman (or smart proxies, per location) for TFTP for the bootfile. I had to enable TFTP manually on the fresh install when I realized it was no longer enabled by default. (Fresh install = new foreman, since our existing installation is very old and we’ve decided not to upgrade in place.)