Discourse migration begininng now

As per the migration schedule, the final migration happens tonight. I'm
beginning work on this now, so expect some weirdness in the near future :wink:

I'm setting all users to "moerated posting" so that we can catch any
users that havent seen the change yet and gently redirect them to the
forum - if you have moderator permissions on the group, watch out for
that. Process should be to ask them to resend the email to
users>dev@community.theforeman.org and then once they have, delete the
post - that avoids needing any further data import from Google Groups
after today


The migration is done. The only hiccup was trying to merge my users together - there’s something special about my user (because it was the user created as part of the initial install) which went horribly wrong when I tried to merge it with my other users. This meant I had to restore a backup, so apologies if you got two copies of the welcome mail. Backup restore seems otherwise fine, so that’s a nice test :slight_smile:

I’m confident this won’t affect anyone else having users merged together - I actually tested this in dev mode 2 months ago and hit exactly the same issue with my user (and only my user), I just completely forgot about it this evening :frowning:. Silly me. Obviously I’ll be taking extra care with the first few merges to do it after a backup and during a quiet period though :stuck_out_tongue:

As ever, get in touch if you see anything odd, but the backup appears to have restored cleanly, so I think it’ll be fine.

I’ve just tested this with @lzap’s two users, and the merge seems to have gone fine. Lukas, if you see any weirdness, let me know, but I think it’s OK :slight_smile:

Mine works, I am unable to tell if the other users were merged but nick is
okay and email too.

I only merged your users as a test, thanks for the confirmation. If anyone else needs a merge doing, let me know.