Discourse updated to 3.0.2

Today, @nofaralfasi and I upgraded Discourse to 3.0.2

The upgrade went fine and you should be able to use Discourse again!

I’m still looking to increase the RAM of the machine to speed it up a bit.


So we can close this:

Yes, done.

It was getting into memory issues, so I temporarily gave it an additional GB of swap. @evgeni is planning to change the machine to have more real memory.

Ah, maybe that’s why it’s been wonky today. I’ve been getting occasional Bad Gateway errors when trying to load posts. But it goes away after a while.

Have any issues been observed after Ewoud added additional swap? I was out sick, but didn’t hear anything negative?

While I agree this (more swap) is not really a solution, I think we should do the migration more carefully and off Scaleway completely instead of just trying to get it running on a new Scaleway instance.

Sometimes it felt a bit slow, but nothing compared to before the swap was added were I had timeouts and errors. Not sure if this hits the user experience or it is still in the “kind of ok” range.

After that one day it’s been fine for me