Discovered Hosts are not displaying "Storage facts"

Discovered Hosts no longer displaying “Storage facts” in latest version of Foreman.

Expected outcome:
Storage facts need to be there because we use them for different kickstart options.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
0.16.2 foreman-tasks
0.8.1 foreman_chef
15.1.0 foreman_discovery
5.0.0 foreman-docker
1.8.2 foreman_remote_execution
3.13.0 katello

Other relevant data:


we haven’t changed anything. Log into the discovered node and perform “facter” command to see what facter does. Investigate why they are missing.

Oh one more thing - we have added “blockdevice*” into ignored facts by default because some servers with thousands of drives were hitting Foreman hard. I think it got into a 1.23 release. Just remove it from there:

This was removed in 1.24 and replaced by more clever approach:

So probably known bug for 1.23.

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Thanks for pointing this out. We use blockdevice to change how we do partitioning. I was able to remove that change to get it functioning again.