Discovered hosts - unable to reassign organization

I just upgraded my Foreman to 1.4 and foreman_discovery plugin to 1.2.0
but I'm unable to re-assign organization to the discovered hosts in
Discovery menu (Reassign Menu button disappeared)

Also, even if I set default discovery organization so it is assigned for
discovered hosts, do I really have to change my Context as well in the menu
(when I have more that one) to get the list of host groups on the
provisioning list?
It seems foreman ignores to which Organization host is assigned and you
still have to change your context (why?) in order to provision it
correctly, otherwise other fields are not automatically populated from host
group defaults.


Not sure if that is related but there are some issue with the foreman cache
with new version I'm facing.
It seems when I change user's organization, roles etc, user do not pick up
the changes, even when I logout and login again.
I have to run:

RAILS_ENV=production foreman-rake tmp:cache:clear

to get the user changes active!!