Discovery 1.3.0 RC3

Hi all,

We're happy to announce what will hopefully be the last RC for Foreman
Discovery for compatibility with Foreman Core 1.5

This version has a completely re-written API, and is now found on
/discovered_hosts. Since this is a breaking change, we're not
releasing this version to the 1.5 plugin repos yet - it's only in

If you wish to test it, you'll also need the new discovery boot image
from [1] (production mode) or [2] (debug mode). Due to an upstream bug
in ovirt-node, there's currently no F19 boot image, but the EL6 boot
image is available. F19 will be added as soon as the upstream issues
are fixed.

Please report issues with the Redmine Discovery bug tracker [3]


[3] Overview - Discovery - Foreman