Discovery register service main process exited


I am trying to install fdi image version 3.7.5 on a dell machine 5420 using foreman version 1.24.3. I used to install the fdi image with the same configuration on another dell machine 3410 successfully without any error.

At the beginning of the installation, the client is able to detect the server through DHCP, it reserves an IP and download the image from the server successfully (Foreman discovery image efi).

But later on, during the installation process, it appears that the client loose the IP reserved and I am getting the fatal error:
Null pointer given

/usr/bin/discovery-menu:21:in ‘’

Once ok button is pressed, and root account will be unlocked with the following random password:…

In the logs we can see also the below information:
discovery-register.service: main-process exited, code=exited, status=1
Unit discovery-register.service entered failed state.
discovery-register.service failed.
Detecting the first NICs with link
No interfaces with link found, using discovery-register.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart.
Stopped Register this host in Foreman.

Can you please help solving this issue since it’s very urgent.

Thank you

we tested several fdi image versions and had the same results… what could be the issue??

note that we couldn’t find any error or additional information in the logs on the foreman server side…

Thank you

Hey, we have never experienced this, you will need to login to the server and troubleshoot the reason why networkmanager is bringing the link down. Maybe a hardware or driver issue? Without stable network connection, there is nothing we can do about this.

Thank you lzap for your message. Indeed, it was a driver issue. We modified the image by adding the appropriate driver and now we are facing another issue during installation process.

The error is " [Foreman::Exception]: Unable to find primary nic specified via discovery_fact"

On Satellite GUI → Administersettingprovisioningignore interfaces with matching identifier, we removed all the interfaces mentioned and we kept only the lo option, but still we are getting the same error after restarting the client and server machine.

The name of interface on the client device is enp0s31f6.

Any advise please ?

Thank you.

What is your discovery_fact Administer - Settings? That should be set to discovery_bootif which is a fact that FDI automatically sends. It is a custom fact that is actually read from commandline - PXELinux or Grub2 adds that (the MAC address of the interface it was booted from):

When using non-PXE mode, this fact is added in the Text User Inteface, it is the interface you picked on the first screen.

thank you @lzap for your reply… will test it and get back to you