Display numeric IDs in the UI as well as the CLI?

Started a conversation on IRC but wanted to get more input: Could we display object IDs in the UI? Since they are such an integral part of the API it gets cumbersome transferring knowledge between UI and CLI. If the UI viewer could tell the CLI user over the phone the ID, then they could speak the same language (so to speak ;).

<thomasmckay> could we perhaps show IDs in the UI as well as the CLI? it's a bit awkward to move back and forth between the two
<ewoud> not sure, dealing with IDs is ugly IMHO
<ewoud> but not sure how to fix that with the CLI
<thomasmckay> ewoud: i agree, but it's how the API works
<thomasmckay> ewoud: katello had the concept of labels (human readable IDs) but that's getting squashed, i think
<thomasmckay> it was mostly for backend services that couldn't handle i18n characters
<ewoud> labels would be better, but also have the downside that they should be final
<ewoud> thus can go out of date
<thomasmckay> i don't necessarily mind numeric IDs, but having the actual ones from the database is not good
<thomasmckay> you couldn't back up an install and re-create it for example
<thomasmckay> via CLI commands, i mean
<ewoud> it's a hard to solve problem
<thomasmckay> ewoud: mind if i cut&paste convo to foreman-dev email? let's see if others have good ideas
<ewoud> thomasmckay: not at all


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Maybe in a hover bubbles?

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