DNS/DHCP/IPAM software that plays nicely with Foreman?

Like many others we have the need to manage DNS and DHCP entries that do not readily map to Foreman hosts (e.g. switches, PDUs). We’d like to have all that information in one place, but it seems like Foreman is not well suited to the task for these devices. I assume we’re not the only group that has this need.

Is anyone using any DNS/DHCP/IPAM software that plays nicely with Foreman?

I have not much experience with this tools as it is typically the costumer that uses it and not I as a consultant, but I have seen an increasing amount of Infoblox appliances and Netbox installations.

For the Infoblox integration see:

For Netbox:

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Historically, Foreman does not play well with existing records and it assumes to have subnets under full control. It would ignore allocating IPs from specified “range” which is defined per individual subnet in the Foreman’s database tho, as long as you have all your records outside of that range you should be fine. For DNS there are no issues unless you try to allocate names which already exist (as Foreman performs DNS query to verify this - this can be turned off however I think).

Things are changing now, @grizzthedj is working on External IPAM provider which is now in Foreman core and the smart-proxy plugin is emerging at the mentioned URL and we hope to merge this into smart-proxy core to ship this by default. If you select this option, Foreman will use IPAM API to allocate new hosts, therefore you can have all your records on one heap and there should not be any conflicts. Currently only Infoblox and Netbox are implemented tho.


Minor correction to this. It is actually phpIPAM and Netbox that are implemented, however the Netbox functionality has not been published yet. This should be published in the next week or two after testing is complete.

Infoblox as an IPAM provider will be the next provider implemented, likely later this year.


Update: Testing has been completed, and the latest version of the smart_proxy_ipam gem (0.1.0) has been published to rubygems.org. This includes implementations for both IPAM providers phpIPAM and Netbox.

Please note that the latest version of this plugin will only work with Foreman version 2.3 or greater. For Foreman versions < 2.3, and >= 2.1, please use smart_proxy_ipam plugin version 0.0.22