Docker pull fails to retrieve image from foreman

katello 3.15
pulp 3
foreman 2.0.1

Steps to reproduce the scenario:
1.Create a product
2.Add a repo of type docker
3.Use a personal docker repo to sync images from it.
4.Container Images are being synced with success.
5.Create a Content View and promote the images via Lifecycle management.
6.On the Content->Container Image Tags the promoted images can be seen with their respective tags(due to promotion lifecycle) can be seen.
7.Go on any host associated to the respective LifecycleEnv
8. Install docker-engine, add insecure-repo as
9. Perform docker pull with the image name spcified in the table from Step 6
Expected result: Container image should be downloaded
Actual result: Result of docker pull is unknown: Not found

Hi @Dana,

The UI tips haven’t been updated fully for Pulp 3 yet. Instead of using port 5000, you’ll have to use port 443 (HTTPS default): docker pull hostname/image_name. Also, you will have to docker login first by default. If you don’t want to have your registry protected, you can turn on “unauthenticated pull” for your lifecycle environment(s).