webpage help needed

I spoke to the UX Interest Group today about some possible help as we move towards making the official docs for Foreman.

There are some obvious places where we could do with some UX-related help:

We have the following issues opened and pinned with hope to the Foreman 3.0 milestone:

For the above issue, we could do with better groupings of guides together according to Foreman/Katello, and also according to operating system for the installation guides.

As well as:

If anyone is interested in helping out, I would very much appreciate it


I think it is doable just by using header/footer feature of asciidoc, no need to modify template. I would prefer to create some light strip at the top and at the bottom with a small logo and menu. We should add all our documentation link and versions into the menu and some navigation so users can easily switch the guides or versions. Something like that what you think?

I’m thinking how we could implement search feature at
That’s something users would use for sure, but I’m not sure how to implement it when we have statics docs generated with asciidoctor.

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@lstejskal We’ve had the same issue when making the move from Sphinx (and .rst) to Antora (and .adoc), since we’re also using static files for orcharhino documentation. I’d be happy to showcase how we’ve implemented the search function.


While I agree this could be useful, there is nothing easier than doing the following search via google:

site: your search terms

You can create a shortcut in most browsers. mine is called fd = foreman documentation:

site: %s

Take this as a temporary solution until we implement something.

One of my first project I got payed for was a Java Applet that could be used for full text indexing of HTML content, I could find that codebase if you guys are interested… :slight_smile: It was a wonderful project, I have also implemented document similarity and porter stemmer for English and Czech

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@maximilian That would be cool, glad to see how you did it!