Documentation in foreman-infra

The task to move documentation from Redmine to our foreman-infra repository has started and can be tracked and reviewed at:

Doc PRs

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@infra The above set of PRs could use some review. I’ve transferred everything I could find from Redmine into the docs and done some rounds of updates. I would like to get them in in some initial form so that they can be iterated on as we make updates.

The link above doesn’t work for me, let’s see if this is better:

open documentation PRs

(the original ends up with literal plus signs in the search bar, not spaces)

Pasting an update on this effort, there are 2 open PRs left waiting final review.

For all intents and purposes, this action is completed and infrastructure docs are now located in the docs folder. Please post any changes and updates to infrastructure within these docs going forward.