Documentation on updating foreman/katello is missing

Web page Upgrading and Updating Foreman mentions ‘Updating’ as installing a .z version of foreman, but there is no documentation on how to properly perform that update included in the document. Also,
‘updating’ might mean applying new katello plugin version only and it would be beneficial to document this process as well.

So far I was doing the following steps, but not sure if it’s accurate sequence and if any steps are missing

  • foreman-maintain service stop
  • foreman-maintain packages unlock
  • dnf update -y
  • foreman-installer

As I have indicated in The woes of the httpd update (and others), you’ll have to run foreman-installer after any update, regardless of foreman/katello updates or not. So basically the procedure is always the way you wrote unless you upgrade which need the additional work to set up the new version repositories (and reading the release notes in case of some breaking changes…)

The packages unlock, of course, is only necessary if you have used packages lock before…