Documentation team meeting 2023-10-13

This is just the agenda for the meeting at 14:30 - 15:00 (CEST). Join via


Follow up on last week’s issues


Anything updated within the past week can be ignored during triage. If someone wants to discuss a specific issue/PR then it should be added to the agenda.

Present: @ekohl, @Lennonka, @asteflova, @mjivraja


Follow up on last week’s issues

@ekohl didn’t have time to investigate

@maximilian filed Add snippet to create a host by maximiliankolb · Pull Request #2492 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub to address Look into improving this sentence of all provisioning procedures · Issue #50 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub and is being reviewed.

Labels by prprocessor

Now that we’ve been using the prprocessor to apply labels, @ekohl asked for comments on its usage.

The Needs re-review and Waiting on contributor labels are useful. The Not yet reviewed label isn’t great, since in this repo there’s Needs style review and Needs tech review. Those should both be applied instead of Not yet reviewed. @ekohl will look into this.

Making docs the primary documentation source

@Lennonka asked how we can move forward on this.

@ekohl should finish

Then we should make the guides we want to link to available. Today if you go to the Foreman 3.8 documentation we only have a limited number of guides available. Making those guides available a first major the goal. @maximilian and I have shared the guides we should make available (including which sections). Someone needs to figure out how we can get there, and that requires reviewing the docs. It’s likely few people can do this because it requires a lot of upstream knowledge.

@ekohl has at least identified as an area. @Lennonka has offered to take over the PR to complete it.

Further steps would be to file more concrete issues, like Fix the "Installing an External Smart Proxy Server on Debian" guide · Issue #647 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub

Clarify flavors

@Lennonka brought up that we don’t describe the flavors we have. This should be documented in our README so writers understand how it technically works, but also for end users in the website’s landing page (so the user knows which guide to select).

We also use Enterprise Linux (EL) but don’t clarify that, nor use it consistently (Foreman documentation: 3.8 still uses RHEL/CentOS). It should also be explained what it means in the planning guide’s glossary.

@Lennonka will follow up on this


We briefly discussed Document behavior for various facts · Issue #124 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub but ran out of time. @ekohl will further describe the problem for the next meeting.