Documentation team meeting 2024-02-22

This is just the agenda for the meeting at 14:00 - 14:30 (CEST). Join via


  • [Avital] Proposal to change capitalization of guide titles to sentence case for next release. Any concerns?
  • [Avital] Lena asked whether I would be willing to lead this meeting on a regular basis. Any concerns?
  • [Maximilian] New graphics for Foreman: RFC: Github Profile for Foreman and Katello - #18 by Dirk Unsure if there is a TODO for us; I consider this more of a “FYI”
  • [Maximilian] Eric suggests that we revert our change to use “content view” in lowercase: Change "Content View" to lower case by apinnick · Pull Request #2763 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub Maybe we can discuss this together with entities like “Activation Key” with folks from Katello? I am OK either way; it’s also fairly trivial to revert this change on “master” and “3.9” if we come to an agreement.[Avital] I would like to meet with Eric to explain d/s doc guidelines but it is not going to be easy to arrange a meeting (ideally with you and some more experienced people from Sat docs as well) because of the time zone difference.
  • [Maximilian] Drop _{context} from anchors before branching Foreman 3.11? FYI: Foreman 3.11 Schedule and Planning
  • [Maximilian] Clarifiy upstream terminology “Smart Proxy” and “Smart Proxy Server”

Follow up on last week’s issues

Switch "Content View" to lowercase again? · Issue #2747 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub closed.


Anything updated within the past week can be ignored during triage. If someone wants to discuss a specific issue/PR then it should be added to the agenda.

Today I won’t be attending as it conflicts with my team’s refinement session.

I also have to pass today’s meeting. I too have a refinement session.

There’s also an overlapping Infra SIG meeting so should we reschedule instead?

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Good idea, Ewoud. Or we can skip a date and just meet again in two weeks.

I am ok with “one hour later”, “Thursday next week”, or “Thusday in two weeks”.

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Let’s skip this one and move the agenda to 2024-03-07.

Fine with me