Documentation team meeting 2024-03-07

This is just the agenda for the meeting at 14:00 - 14:30 (CEST). Join via


  • [Avital] Proposal to change capitalization of guide titles to sentence case for next release. Any concerns?
  • [Avital] Lena asked whether I would be willing to lead this meeting on a regular basis. Any concerns?
  • [Maximilian] New graphics for Foreman: RFC: Github Profile for Foreman and Katello - #18 by Dirk Unsure if there is a TODO for us; I consider this more of a “FYI”
  • [Maximilian] Eric suggests that we revert our change to use “content view” in lowercase: Change “Content View” to lower case by apinnick · Pull Request #2763 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub Maybe we can discuss this together with entities like “Activation Key” with folks from Katello? I am OK either way; it’s also fairly trivial to revert this change on “master” and “3.9” if we come to an agreement.[Avital] I would like to meet with Eric to explain d/s doc guidelines but it is not going to be easy to arrange a meeting (ideally with you and some more experienced people from Sat docs as well) because of the time zone difference.
  • [Maximilian] Drop _{context} from anchors before branching Foreman 3.11? FYI: Foreman 3.11 Schedule and Planning
  • [Maximilian] Clarify upstream terminology “Smart Proxy” and “Smart Proxy Server”
  • [Avital] Concern about license mismatch between Foreman (Creative Commons) and Satellite (GNU).

Follow up on last week’s issues

Switch “Content View” to lowercase again? · Issue #2747 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub closed.

Follow up on last week’s issues


Anything updated within the past week can be ignored during triage. If someone wants to discuss a specific issue/PR then it should be added to the agenda.

Present: @apinnick (chair), @ekohl (notes),

Before we started we had a brief discussion on Migrate to Antora · Issue #873 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub. For the next meeting @maximilian will prepare a bit how ATIX uses Antora.

We don’t expect any problems.

No concerns.

It would be good to implement this. It would be an improvement to our current docs since most diagrams are now either Red Hat or ATIX branded.

Within the team there’s no consensus on what the right way is. Perhaps @ehelms has more thoughts on this matter. For now we’ll leave it, until someone picks it up.

It’s decent amount of work to maintain it, so there’s a proposal to drop it. Within the current group there’s no opposition, as long as it’s done without breaking things. While usually new versions are branched with their own content, there are links to content that automatically fill in the values. Either Foreman itself (though still not used that much) or Red Hat theme branding.

@asteflova wasn’t present, but is involved in this. Let’s revisit this when she’s present.

This came from Clarify terminology: SmartProxy/SmartProxyServer, Internal/External/Isolated · Issue #2774 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub. There was a long discussion, but at this point there’s no consensus on a best practice. We agree this needs further discussion, with the ideal outcome a recommendation to the wider project on how to refer to concepts.

Reword "internal Smart Proxy" and "external Smart Proxy" · Issue #2867 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub has been opened since the meeting.

License: there was a private discussion on licenses and reusing them as a downstream in Red Hat. Currently it’s licensed under Creative Commons, but there are multiple options you can choose from. It’s unclear if there really is a problem today. Relicensing is a complex effort, so we’d like to avoid it if possible.

@apinnick will investigate if there is an issue and report back