Documentation team meeting 2024-03-21

This is just the agenda for the meeting at 14:00 - 14:30 (CEST). Join via


  • Aneta would like feedback on the proposed approach to introduce SOE content into the docs set: PR#2866, preview of chapter 1.
  • Ewoud: Gave update on replacing Foreman Manual with guides
    – Quickstart guide almost ready
    – Installation guides are next.
    – [Lena] What about updating UI links to guides?
    – [Ewoud] Should also do that, but QS and Install are needed for all branches so they are high priority. Also Upgrade guide because repos are not correct for Debian.

Issues discussed

  • 695 - Release banner. [Ewould] Keep open.
  • 713 - UEFI boot IPv6. Still valid. Lena to do.
  • 459 - CLI for compute profiles. tw uni course label added.
  • 928 - Missing installer parameters. Closed as done. Documention.
  • 885 - Licensing. Will be assigned to Avital after Ewoud adds her to Documentation group.

Follow up on last week’s issues

  • [Avital] Changing doc titles to sentence case. No objections. Done.
  • [Avital] Foreman/Satellite license concerns. All agreed that this needs to be checked.
    – Avital will follow this up with RH Legal. Update: Still waiting for response.
  • [Max] Dropping _{context} from anchor IDs. Max will be meeting with the RH Modular Docs committee to discuss this. No one objected because modules are not reused very often in the same guide.
    – [Lena] RHEL is moving away from the _{context} attribute.
    – [Max] If someone does want to use the same module in a single guide, they can create different contexts for each use and add the attribute to a single module.
    – [Ewoud] Might need to update the base doc URLs.
  • [Max] RFC for Foreman graphics. No objections to using them. Satellite can use them as a basis for d/s graphics and they can be tagged with ifdefs.
  • [Lena] Suggested that Avital lead the meeting on a regular basis. No objections.
    – [Avital] Happy to do this, although I’m not sure whether I can take notes at the same time. Willing to try.


Anything updated within the past week can be ignored during triage. If someone wants to discuss a specific issue/PR then it should be added to the agenda.


You can reach us on matrix.

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can’t make it today due to another meeting.