Documentation team meeting 2024-05-02

This is just the agenda for the meeting at 14:00 - 14:30 (CEST). Join via


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Follow up on last week’s issues


Anything updated within the past week can be ignored during triage. If someone wants to discuss a specific issue/PR then it should be added to the agenda.


  • Triaged PRs:
    • 2660: Waiting for author input. Max considering guideline to avoid “Run this command:” wording so that user knows what command does.
    • 2007: Stale. Author asked what they want to do in comment.
    • 2781: Max to add introduction.
    • 2877: PR closed with comment.
    • 2876: Not sure what this is for. Wait for Ewoud to attend a meeting so that we can discuss.
    • 2914: Cannot be merged because Foreman dependency is still open.
    • 2891: Need input from author (Akshay).
    • 2145: Need input from author (Jan Loeser).
    • 2936: Need fixes from author (Ewoud).
    • 2943: Needs rebase, can be merged.
    • 2959: Need info. Ask in community discussion on Foreman 3.12.
    • 2970: Approved. Will merge.
    • 2933: Need input from author.
    • 2871: Needs peer review. Avital finished review.
    • 2975: Needs peer review. Avital finished review.

You can reach us on matrix.