Documentation team meeting notes 2023-08-21

Present: @ekohl, @Lennonka, @asteflova, @mjivraja, @maximilian

How to organize?

This was the first docs team meeting and sorting out how to organize was the first agenda item.

Agenda & notes

How to keep notes was an important one and you’re now reading the result of it. Other teams have their own category on Discourse and post their notes there. For example, Releases - TheForeman and Infra SIG - TheForeman have the meeting notes for the release team and infra team. There is now documentation - TheForeman which can be used as well.

You can watch the whole category: on the top right there’s a bell icon which by default is set to Normal but can be set to higher levels so you get notifications.

In the future an agenda will be posted (and made into a wiki) so discussion topics can be added ahead of time. Any remaining time is spent on triaging open PRs and issues. For now we’ll use Red Hat’s Google Meet since within the community we don’t have a good alternative right now. This does mean that a Red Hatter will need to admit people not in the organization, but that’s a minor limitation and presents meeting bombing.


There was a discussion about using the Not yet reviewed and Needs re-review labels that the prprocessor applies automatically, if they exist.

@ekohl to create the labels and ensure they are set.

There was some discussion about further labels and It was raised that you also need permissions to (un)set labels. @ekohl will invite various Red Hat writers who already work on the project. @Lennonka will provide this list.

Background: Foreman has a policy that you can be invited into the GitHub organization after 3 merged PRs. For specific teams or repositories you are nominated by an existing member.


GitHub has a projects feature: About Projects - GitHub Docs

After discussion it was decided to not use it in the short term. First we’ll start simple with triaging the current PRs and issues, then if we think we need more structure we can reevaluate.

Triage upstream issues / PRs

The remaining time was used to triage some open PRs, starting with the oldest.


I forgot, but the handbook actually describes this.