Documentation/Videos about TheForeman DCIM solution

Hello The Foreman Community

I saw this DCIM solution for Datacenters and I’m interested.
Could you provide documentation and videos explaining how the solution operates and its main features, details on its integration with other systems (e.g. Inventory, trouble ticketing, etc) and how it handles change, problem, and asset management ?

Thanks Community

While you can find many videos on youtube, most are a bit dated or focusing on some aspects.

So I would recommend the documentation. It is still a bit work in progress as there was a shift from technical documentation to this new use case driven one, so it lacks a good startpage. But if you select a use case from the drop down menu on the top you will find some good ones. It will not cover all possible use cases as there are many more community developed plugins, but you will get a basic idea at least.

In the end best thing I can recommend is setting up a system and give it a try!

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