Does foreman need katello to manage vms, and if so, is centos stream or RHEL the only option?

I’m trying to get a foreman instance set up up for managing and provisioning vms, and have been using rocky 8 to do so. Thinking I’d broken something along the way, I went back, using a new guide: Installing Foreman 3.7 Server with Katello 4.9 Plugin on RHEL/CentOS
According to this, it seems the only software we can install on is Centos Stream or RHEL? Obviously this isn’t ideal, and I don’t like the idea of having to choose only between beta and paid software.

If I proceed without katello, am I losing anything:?

Depends on what you need. Katello is only necessary for content management (i.e. packages/repositories) and is (to my knowledge) the only plugin that requires you to run on EL. Though it’s not officially mentioned in the docs, it runs just fine on any RHEL clone, there are a lot of folks around that run the Foreman/Katello stack on Rocky or Alma.
The reasons for the situation in the new documentation you linked are:

  1. The new docs are still a work-in-progress effort and plain Foreman (without Katello) docs have not been migrated yet.
  2. Katello is only tested (by the team) on CentOS Stream and RHEL, that’s why only those are mentioned in the docs. But as with any software that runs on RHEL, every binary-compatible clone will work, too.

I hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Thanks, I do want to do package development, so I guess I’ve gotta figure out if I can make this work on something like Rocky.