Does Foreman proxy cache DHCP settings?

Hosts are getting incorrect option 67 (filename) for DHCP reservations.

Expected outcome:
Reservation should not have option 67 set

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Other relevant data:

Does Foreman DHCP proxy retain any cached data? We have hosts that keep getting the wrong option 67 (bootfilename) set and are trying to figure out where its coming from.

I dont think Foreman or Smart Proxy is keeping any cache of dhcpd config to set leases and it should be referring to dhcp configuration. What sort of dhcp and Foreman setup you are having, is it Centos with dhcpd or something else ?

The proxy does keep an internal cache of what’s parsed, but dhcpd should have the full state and never reads from the proxy for values. Is the specific option defined on each individual lease, on the subnet or on a global level?

Global level, MSFT DHCP (booo). We have 4-5 hosts (out of 3000-4000) that every single time they create a reservation, it gets the wrong options set. Im working on adding debugging to the POST for DHCP, and IT is working on getting the logs from the DHCP side. We cant figure out how it keeps getting the wrong option 67 set.

Foreman server sends this along with the DHCP reservation request. If you set PXE loader to “None” it’s not sent.

Ok thanks for the explanation. I think that is the error my user was making. They were not setting PXE Loader to None. I wish there was a way to default all PXE Loaders to be None, all the time.

Ok, here you go: