Does Foreman Support Postgresql 13?

Hi everyone, this is not a problem but a question since I couldn’t find the correct answer.
Does Foreman Support Postgresql 13? Is there a matrix that tells which other apps’ version the latest foreman version supports/requires?

Thank you.

In the documentation it only mentions 12 as supported: Installing PostgreSQL

As 13 is also available with EL8 and currently there is a performance issue based on pulp already preferring 13 over 12 but in a Katello environment running on 12, I guess it is coming in the not so far future.

We deploy 13 on Debian by default (as that’s the one shipped in Debian 11) and have not heard of any problems.
We don’t test 13 on EL platforms, so no guarantee there (but also, no real reason to believe it would not work).