Does Smart Proxy support Puppet 7?

See Foreman :: Manual

According to the documentation just linked, Foreman 3.7 Smart Proxyies support only Puppet versions 5 and 6 and do not support Puppet 7.

However, in Foreman :: Manual it is stated that Puppet 6 is no longer supported, but it is also stated that “on the Smart Proxy side no changes have been made.”

I am preparing for a fresh installation of Puppet + Foreman + Smart Proxies and was planning to use Puppet 7 and Foreman 3.7. Is this supported? If so can the docs please be updated?

Hi @mweilgart

According to Foreman 3.7 docs, Foreman Server and Smart Proxies support Puppet 7 to configure managed hosts: Supported Puppet Versions And System Requirements in Configuring Hosts Using Puppet.

Foreman moved to requiring Puppet 7 with Foreman 3.2 if I remember right.
No puppet 6 is used anymore by Foreman.

Thanks. Is there a better “source of truth” for the documentation than Foreman :: Manual ?

The documentation suggested in Configuring Hosts Using Puppet is lacking a lot of detail on how to install Foreman and many other points.

Where is the source for theforeman . org / manuals so it can be updated, please?

To be fair, “” is not yet considered the official Foreman documentation. Nevertheless, lots of community members are working on a) improving the docs and b) moving missing content from the Foreman Manual to the Foreman Documentation.

To install Foreman, have a look at Installing Foreman Server nightly on CentOS/RHEL or Installing Foreman Server with Katello nightly Plugin on CentOS/RHEL. You can also have a look at and browse its navigation to get an overview of all guides. For released versions, we’re currently focusing on Foreman+Katello because there might be some (minor) inaccuracies within the installation guides etc. for Foreman-only.

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