Does smartproxy 8443 support full api? eg make api calls through a smartproxy on isolated network?

Trying to use api such as /api/hosts stuff to check if a host exists, and add a new host.

Expected outcome:
Use foreman api commands through a smart proxy on an isolated network.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Does the smartproxy support any of the regular API calls through it? Or is it limited to only the stuff supported via smartproxy api/features installed?

The smart proxy is a “proxy” to services that either don’t have a HTTP API or it pays to have a single point of service discovery on. The smart-proxy is not intended to act as a reverse proxy back to Foreman.

If you are a Katello user, when a proxy with content is deployed, Apache is installed with a reverse proxy that does indeed proxy back to the main server all API requests.

If you would find this functionality useful for baseline smart-proxy feature please do raise an issue to Redmine for this.