Don't want to assign the PXE DHCP IP to the NIC



I am installing CentOS7.2 and ESXi6.0 using foreman on the Physical
servers. I am managing the DHCP, DNS through foreman smart proxy.

I am using the below templates for the Operating System.


I would like to assign a management IP in order to access the system
through SSH (in case of Centos) and through http (in case of ESXi). The
problem is I would like to assign the management IP (which is different
from the PXE network IP) to the same NIC on the system. I mean, I only want
the PXE DHCP IP to send the TFTP information and once it is done, I would
like to assign the Management IP on to the same nic.

So what I tried was to create another NIC interface in the host as shown
below, But, with no luck.


Is this possible via Foreman? If so, where would I get the info to do it.
Please advice me.