Drop puppetlabs-puppetdb from foreman-installer

This may be something few people know, but today we ship pupptelabs-puppetdb in our installer. The intent was to make it possible to install PuppetDB.

I don’t have numbers, but today I think nobody actually uses this. There’s no documentation, it’s tricky to set up and we don’t verify it (it may actually be broken). Adding to that, its maintainers are largely unresponsive. Adding support for new distribution versions and other module versions is very painful.

Because of that I propose to drop it from the installer in Foreman 2.0. We are currently still at RC2 and the major version is a good one to do a breaking change.

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:+1: in my opinion to dropping it.
TBH, I believe our installer shouldn’t be setting up any external services, only configuring foreman/smart proxies to talk with them. But that is a longer discussion and perhaps something that should be considered for 3.0.

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This was merged and will be part of 2.1.