Dropping hammer-cli-csv

Recently during katello issue triage, we discovered someone filed Bug #25341: CSV export of nested host groups fails with wrong REST-URI (leading to a 404) on third level - Hammer CLI CSV - Foreman against hammer-cli-csv.

Currently no one is working on this tool to add features or fix bugs. Are there any objections to deprecating and removing it? We could deprecate it for 3.9 and remove it for 3.10?



Do we know what csv outputs were most popular? We could easily implement them as report templates. If someone is interested, here are few examples. These reports have its own hammer command as well.

hi there,

First post here, so apologies in advance. In my case, I had two prevalent use cases that hammer-csv covered well:

  • Exporting everything as csv (all supported hammer-csv entities) in order to understand how a Satellite/Foreman system is configured. This was useful to perform pre-assessments on systems where I do not have direct access.
  • As a tool to re-rebuild a Satellite/Foreman system with a known configuration (the original purpose of hammer-csv).

Iā€™d really like to have at least the first usecase considered in whatever reporting solution is selected.

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