Duplicate Interfaces 1.8.1 (bond)


i have the problem that when i kickstart any server i get duplictate
interfaces back. I can remove the server and bring it back in foreman, then
i have a normal view of interfaces. over time i get always more and more
and more.


if i use facter on the system on the system i get the normal view.

macaddress => 00:19:99:cb:c2:e2 <- is that the problem?

macaddress_bond0 => 00:19:99:cb:c2:e2

macaddress_enp8s0f0 => 00:19:99:9e:41:08

macaddress_enp8s0f1 => 00:19:99:9e:41:09

macaddress_ens5f0 => 00:19:99:99:16:1a

macaddress_ens5f1 => 00:19:99:99:16:1b

macaddress_ens5f2 => 00:19:99:99:16:1c

macaddress_ens5f3 => 00:19:99:99:16:1d

macaddress_ens7f0 => 00:19:99:CB:C2:E2

macaddress_ens7f1 => 00:19:99:CB:C2:E3

anyone have a tip for me?