Dynflow daemon says it cannot access DB

I am setting up new foreman instance. Right now I am not aware of real problem, but in the production.log there are error w.r.t dynflow daemon, saying it cannot access the sqlite DB

Expected outcome:
dynflow working ok and doesnt log errors

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Other relevant data:
from production log:

2019-07-26T10:27:14 [F|app|] Failed running Dynflow daemon
2019-07-26T10:27:14 [F|app|] Sequel::DatabaseConnectionError SQLite3::CantOpenException: unable to open database file
/opt/theforeman/tfm/root/usr/share/gems/gems/sequel-5.7.1/lib/sequel/adapters/sqlite.rb:105:in `initialize’

maybe I was am running a wrong/incomplete answers file ? What is the standard setings for dynflowd when running the foreman-installer ?

I’ve used, among lots of other stuff:

#> grep dynflow foreman-answers.yaml
   dynflow_pool_size: 5
   dynflow_in_core: true
foreman_proxy::plugin::dynflow: false

One small note: it seems to be there are some performance problem. Every action performed on the GUI takes 3 and more seconds.

Seems like the issue doesnt occur after switching to postgres DB.
Stupid question (offtopic): it seems that there is a local postgres DB installed (DB server running on host itself). … but I used, during installation, postgresql server running on different host. Does postgres is installed somehow automatically ? (still runing 1.20.3)