Dynflow pool size

Hi! I want check current dynflow pool size. How I can do it?
Expected outcome:
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Other relevant data:
cat /etc/foreman/settings.yaml | tail -2
:pool_size: 16
But when I go to uri /foreman_tasks/dynflow/worlds on tab “status” I see “queues”=>{“default”=>{“pool_size”=>5}}.

Hey, you look at the right place. Did you restart de ruby-foreman-task service after changing the dynflow pool_size option? And check that you have the right space indents in your yaml configuration.

That is indeed the right place to look. Since you’re on el7, have you restarted the foreman-tasks (or foreman_tasks or dynflowd? I don’t recall when the rename happened and if it originally had a dash or an underscore) service?

Hi, thank you for your replies.
Yes, I restarted foreman-tasks.service after change, before open this ticket.
This systemd unit start dynflow_executor & dynflow_executor_monitor
Problem is actual.
P.S Excuse me for slow reply.

From my production server:
systemctl show dynflowd.service| grep -i fragment

systemctl show foreman-tasks.service| grep -i fragment

class Configuration < ::Dynflow::Rails::Configuration
def initialize
self.pool_size = SETTINGS.fetch(:dynflow, {}).fetch(:pool_size, pool_size)

simple debug:
foreman-rake console
SETTINGS.fetch(:dynflow, {}).fetch(:pool_size, 5)
=> 16
But on web interface i can see 5.
After change this value on dynflow initializer and restarting services problem not solved.

For fix require change config.pool_size in world_config method.
My dynflow pkg: tfm-rubygem-dynflow-1.1.0-1.el7.noarch. I try debuging problem…

I think this is my problem: