EC2 using private IP for SSH

Hey All,

I am provisioning an EC2 instance and everything works fine until it gets
to the point where it's waiting for the host to come online. I can then see
in the production.log that it is trying over and over to SSH into the new
machine using the private IP address instead of the public one. I have made
sure that I select "Public" as the Managed IP under Network. The host does
get provisioned successfully as I can see it under All Hosts and in EC2,
and it does indeed have the private IP Address under the hosts properties
and the Public IP Address under the VM tab. I am able to SSH to the machine
successfully using foreman's generated private key.

So how can I make foreman use the Public IP Address instead of the Private
one in EC2?

This is in Foreman 1.5-develop by the way.

Thanks for your help!