Editing an host group result in blank page

Configure -> Host Groups, select any from the list, result in blank page.

Follows the chunk from production log:

Which version of Foreman/Katello are you on? this looks like a bug that has been fixed several releases ago.

Nightly. Last update today.

Thanks for testing on nightly and reporting back when you hit issues! In that case it seems like you’re hitting a new bug. is there any error message in the browser console? which plugins and versions of plugins do you have enabled?

no errors, just a blank page.
Nightly version after pull down the latest updates

which plugins do you have installed and what version are they? you can find this info in the about page.

Can you please check if typing


on the browser’s console fix this issue?

Yes, it does. It now shows the page.

Thanks :+1: , It is probably a bug caused by one of the installed plugins (foreman core works as expected)
I’m trying to reproduce it and will update for any fix.

Facing similar issue on the following versions


I’ve succeeded to reproduce it with foreman and katello :+1:
I opened an issue for it

Thanks for letting us know, stay tuned for a fix

I reproduced as well on dev setup. Was there any progress with this? With upcoming branching, this seems as a pretty urgent.