Effective user remote execution failing


Currently using foreman v3.9.3 with foreman_remote_execution 12.0.5, when configuring a remote execution job with:

  • Network user (This user has sudo permissions)
  • root as effective user
  • effective user password network user password

I see the following error:
[D] sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts
[E] error while initializing command RuntimeError Failed to change to effective user, exit code: 1:

This appears to be intermittent, as sometimes it will work and other times it doesn’t. I’ve noticed this on a job with multiple hosts where a few will pass and a few will fail so fairly sure not typing in the wrong the password.

Any ideas?
Many Thanks,

As the error message says: the password is incorrect. Check on the remote host in /var/log/secure to verify the exact reason.